Smart Sticker — For any idea!

Do you need entertaining stickers? We offer stickers of any appearance for any price with a design that was thought up by you or a premade design. Decorate and give some individuality to your personal things, car, laptop, telephone, diary, or even add a congratulations sticker on the packaging of a gift. These stickers can also be useful to you in your business. Tags, price tags, advertisements, décor for displays and windows, all of this and more can be ordered from us in the “stickers with an individual design” section. In the section “stickers with an individual design,” you can also choose stickers from a wide assortment of stickers, make up your own design, send us a file with a design that you want, or send in a description of your ideas and wishes.

Smart Sticker — Now your things won’t get lost!

Is your child attending school or daycare? We recommend that you use a set of colorful stickers for their things so that he/she can easily find it and doesn’t lose it or confuse it with the things of his/her classmates. You can choose a set of any color sticker available or even make them see-through. You can add a picture or make it a sticker without pictures. We can put an inscription on the sticker with the name, telephone number, and class of your child and it can be in Hebrew, Latin alphabet, or any other language. These sets of stickers will help you and your children save their favorite things from being lost in daycare or school. The stickers can also be put on school supplies (folders, books, backpacks, rulers, pens, paints), telephones, tablets, etc.

Smart Digital Print — efficient digital printing!

Since we have all the equipment needed, we will be happy to efficiently complete any of your orders in digital print from cards and flyers to pictures and large advertisement banners. We can prepare rollups and brand walls according to your design or we will help you prepare a model design if you don’t have one. We can also make mugs and shirts with individual designs that would be good gifts for your friends and close ones. You can find more detailed information about our services and make an order on our website in the “digital print” section.